We have a very large selection of kitchens

Please feel free to browse through some of the kitchens we have designed and installed for our customers

As well as the bespoke kitchens below we offer another range of high quality kitchens in various style from modern to traditional.  

Painted Kitchens
Painted Kitchens

Our painted kitchens come in a large choice of colours whether you're looking for a traditional off white finish or a more adventurous bold colour, we'll have something to suit your needs.

Oak kitchens
Oak Kitchens

Lot of styles to choose from and available in a natural finish or a stained finish if you want something darker.

Walnut Kitchens

Typically walnut is finished in either a natural finish to enhance the grain or stained slightly darker to give it a rich colour.

Maple Kitchens

Maple already has nice warm tones so is usually finished with a natural coat however it can have an orange tint applied to make the colour look warmer still.

Planning your kitchen

We will help you plan your kitchen and give you advice on colours and styles. We also consider what you want from your kitchen. Here are some tips

Adding some character

Although we supply and install a lot of laminate work surfaces, it has become popular to have a solid work surface. Here are some popular choices.